Show Me Don't Tell Me:

Visualizing Communication Strategy

Published by HOW Design/Simon & Schuster

Author and Workshop Facilitator

Design Thinking, Business Strategy, Creativity

The Book

Even if you’re someone who considers themself a strong communicator, there are still situations in which you might struggle to get your message across in a clear and effective manner – especially if you’re in an industry like public relations, marketing, or design. Enter Show Me, Don’t Tell Me. With the help of this book, utilize 75 exercises to help solve strategic communication problems you may encounter. Using drawings, words, images, mapping, role-playing, stories, and more, discover new ways to spark creativity, problem solve, and engage clients and audiences on a deeper level. 


The Workshop

If you work in public relations, marketing, design or any other area of communication Show Me Don’t Tell Me Workshop can help you find new ways to spark creativity and engage clients and audiences on a deeper level. This workshop provides you with fun activities for solving strategic design problems through visual thinking, drawing, images, words, role-playing, mapping, stories and other activities.


What you will learn

  • Exercises for defining the real communication problem

  • Exercises for identifying business goals

  • Exercises for identifying audience needs

  • Exercises for developing design directions

  • Exercises for identifying the best design solution

  • Exercises for evaluating design outcomes


How you will benefit
Based on interviews with expert communicators,, designers, researchers and educators, The Show Me Don't Tell Me Workshop provides tools and techniques for gaining strategic insights. By learning how to integrate the tools and exercises associated with the various phases of the communication process, you will better able to provide your clients with well thought out and strategic design decisions.


Who should attend
This workshop is appropriate for communicators, designers and design managers who are interested in developing a toolbox of strategic exercises to guide clients.