Georgia Institute of Technology
Senior Director Creative and Brand Strategy 2011 - Present

Brand Development, Content Strategy, Digital Strategy

Evolving Tech's Digital Presence

Last redesigned in 2006, Georgia Tech's web presence was ready to take the next step in its evolution; embracing new technology and new communication approaches to meet the changing needs of our audiences. 

Transforming the Visual Brand

My next task was to define Georgia Tech's visual brand. Tech had a strong and well managed  trademarks program, but it lacked a unique and identifiable look. I worked collaboratively with campus to develop a trade dress that would work across all units of the Institute.

Creating the Brand Messaging Architecture
Georgia Tech's Creating the Next brand was based on extensive research with key stakeholders, interviews with Georgia Tech’s leadership, and real-world application. The brand messaging was developed to amplify Tech’s singular value, create increased awareness and understanding of our work, and bring stability and direction to one of our most valuable assets — our reputation. Working collaboratively with campus we conducted perceptual research, developed concepts, tested against our peers and implemented a messaging architecture that would provide a flexible framework for campus.

Developing the Content Strategy
I focused our content strategy on three key areas; brand articulation, reputation growth, and content development efficiencies.  By referencing audience research, and reputation studies we have been able to ensure our content helped our audiences solve their problems while promoting our brand values.  I reorganized our creative team to be more agile, and collaborative, thereby reducing the time to develop content.